“Ugh,” I thought to myself, “The worst time of the day to work from home is this hour. Why can’t he just put his computer down and be present with us?” It wasn’t the first time I had similar thoughts. This was an ongoing point of contention throughout certain periods. Honestly, I thought that I had already passed this stage of disagreement in my marriage. Now, he had picked up a job that had him on his computer until 8 on Sunday evenings. 

More significantly than his work hour, however, Jesus was inviting me to develop my inner spirit. Longsuffering was my test. Love was my test, along with peace, joy, kindness, and gentleness. This evening, I wanted nothing to do with this test! I only wanted my husband to be emotionally and mentally available. This test revealed I needed endurance, humility, and sacrificial love. Possibly, it indicated a need for a more balanced schedule and stronger communication, but my heart needed Jesus too. 

My inner man is being rehomed. This is my season.

Some days the silent prayer is easier to embrace than others. 

“Whatever it takes, Jesus.”

Have you ever wondered why apartment rent typically increases with each lease renewal? Property owners and management firms understand that moving is both a) expensive and b) requires diligent forethought and planning. Many renters continue to pay rent at an increased rate because of the effort required to put a move into motion. Moving is hard work. 

There can be benefits to moving, too. Often, moving creates an opportunity to recognize unnecessary items or clutter that would otherwise go unrelinquished. 

“Whatever it takes, Jesus.”

One of the best things to happen this summer during The Great Slowdown, was rediscovering my love for bike riding. My daughter learned to ride her bike and our family enjoyed multiple treks around the neighborhood. My son even learned to ride! We made it up to a 4-mile excursion on a few occasions. Most days, there was only enough time or energy to go back and forth on one especially scenic road. Beautiful homes set far back from this road dot the route with elaborate landscaping and intricate walls or gates.

Along this familiar and comfortable ride, one curious site held my attention. An orange construction cone held a caution sign. The sign read:

Caution: Bees being rehomed. 
They may be more active and aggressive than usual. 
Keep your distance. 

This was the most fascinating procedure to witness over six or more weeks. The first step seemed to take the longest, though I should in no way be considered an authority on these facts. A tightly woven black fabric was wrapped around a portion of the tree where the hive was located. It was tightly bound and secured. The next step was the introduction of a new home directly on the location of the old hive. Remains from the black binding, which had been removed, were lying in a pile at the base of the tree. Honey bees worked to rebuild a hive inside the new wooden structure. After a shorter period than the binding stage, the new wooden structure was secured several inches to one side of the tree, at the same height as the previous hive. Lastly, and I was so grateful to witness the final move, a professional came. Starting with a smoker, the apiarist was slow and methodical. I nearly felt concerned that the apiarist would fall asleep with the prolonged process. Afterward, the apiary gently moved the wooden structure from its temporary side perch to a special area in his truck. Then, it was gone! 

With God being omniscient, I cannot believe this was a fortuitous wonder I was fortunate to witness. Much like the rehomed beehive, my soul too needs to be moved. The portion of the tree where the bees were moved from had become dead. If the hive were allowed to remain in the tree, I wonder if the tree ultimately would have stopped growing. Maybe it would have continued growing in a twisted manner until it became hazardous. The bees required a new, life-sustaining home. The tree too needed time for its trunk to heal. How can we grow from glory to glory (please see 2 Corinthians 3:18)? Pay those moving fees, and go to the place God is inviting each of us into!

“Whatever it takes, Jesus.”

Jesus, thank you for every soul reading these words. Reveal the hives that need to go, the wounds that need to heal. Help us accept your rehoming. Amen.

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