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When our family still had a membership to one of the local trampoline parks, I observed my 16-month old jump into a ball pit to save a struggling toddler. Though he had been distressed by being placed in the ball pit previously, he must have decided to endure the discomfort in order to help a fellow out who had been left to himself for several stressful minutes. The toddler was whimpering, whining, and looking quite pitiful about his situation. 

He wasn’t crying out. He wasn’t asking for help. He wasn’t desperately flailing, but there was no mistake. He needed help! He wanted out! His quiet pleas went unanswered and an observant, empathetic 16-month old acted. That little dude jumped in and went after the one who needed someone. 

Unfortunately, the toddler looked at the 16-month old with uncertainty and refused to be comforted by his heroic deed. He refused to move and remained stuck.

This Momma jumped in after my own 16-month old to praise his efforts and ensure that he felt safe. If he needed a hand to get out, I was right there to pull him up.

Have you been offered a hand? Take it with gratitude!

Have you been offered a hand? Take it with gratitude! Ignore that the hand is younger than yours or not the person you preferred. Give thanks for the help. Take what’s valuable and add your contribution too. You just might find a double portion blessing for each of you.

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