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For some curious reason, I find my inner creativity immensely increases in the month of October. Do you find this is true for yourself? I do not particularly find spring a season where I get the urge to do those cleanouts touted by Allie Casazza or Marie Kondo, but I could likely come up with an art activity per day in the month of October.

I find my inner creativity immensely increases in the fall season.

-J. Lytle

When one of my pregnancies promised an October birthdate, immediately my mind turned to a Monster Mash inspired birthday party. (Those plans are on backorder for now.)

One of my favorite, most affordable, totally personalizable craft activities is the glass jar ghost. Do you spy two minis directly below? Find one pumpkin on the hearth in the bottom left photo. This cute craft is super easy and can be duplicated for treats to share. Curious how they’re created? Comment below with your favorite fall decoration, activity, or location for the spookey inside scoop.

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