History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is more than a commercialized marketing ploy. One of the historical heroic tales surrounds a man who committed himself to the sacred duty of marrying couples. Why was this a heroic deed? Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade young men from marrying, according to History.com (2024), but the priest was compelled to honor the tradition and each couple’s desire.

As an advocate for celebrating, it would be regrettable to forgo one such auspicious moment as Valentine’s Day. Loving big is possible for all ages and stages! Psst <<< Check out JJC’s first list with ways to laud your Love.

Value of Venerating Valentine’s Day

Celebrating is good for mental health and overall wellness (Vigil, 2023). The top benefits of leaning into Valentine’s Day include:

  1. Boosting “Happy Hormones”
  2. Strengthening Social Connections
  3. Positivity Pays Dividends

Celebrate Simply or Creatively

This year’s list for fun and festivities of the wonderful day includes:

  • Dollar Tree bin, balloon, & goodies
  • Engraved pen and a small notebook
  • A funny note,
    “I sock-learly love you!” attached to fun socks
  • OVERSIZED stuffy
  • Homecooked meal
  • Potted plant
  • Handpicked flowers
  • Dried floral (check your local trails for cool finds like this featured piece)
  • Giftcard to a favorite restaurant or shop
  • A handmade note
  • A framed print of a special occasion/memory
  • Share a specially curated music playlist

Remember, “[c]elebrations don’t [] need to be extravagant to be beneficial” as cited in Sudhakar (2023). A quick phone call to say, “I love you” is a kind and generous offer to someone you are unable to visit or dote on with a gift. Find a way to give to someone today and you might find it gives you joy too.

Need support with making meaningful connections with people in your life? Contact a counselor at Joyful Journeys Counseling for help increasing communication effectiveness and connectedness. In the meantime, here are a few more spots to find creative ways to celebrate together. Care., Thyme Magazine, and Lake Champlain offer sweet suggestions.


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