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Relationships, be it business, romantic, or familial, tend to change over time. Seeking counseling can provide an opportunity for clients to openly explore the importance, sustainability, and growth of their relationships. There might be instances where it becomes necessary to end a relationship, and counseling can help in facilitating that process.


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When relationships end, these 5 actions may promote a peaceful transition. Restore old friendships, increase work performance, consider counseling, reclaim one’s space, and sow good seeds to heal and move forward after a relationship ends.

Restore Relationships

Frequently, romantic relationships have a way where other friendships move to the sideline. This can be normal. Now, it’s time to reach back out and host a get-together or suggest an outing. Restore friendships with anyone who has been on the sideline or back-burner. If necessary, let your friend(s) know you are sorry for any pain you caused through being absent. For now, avoid over-explaining and vow internally that in the future, you will maintain friendships. Remember, a good romantic fit will appreciate the special people in your life and also connect you with their outer circles.

Increase Work Performance

Whether it’s connecting directly with a member of upper management or re-establishing a connection with a colleague, it’s important to ensure things are on the up and up at work. The last thing you want right now is to have trouble at work. Whether or not things are going wonky, ask to help a group with a project or find ways to be immediately helpful to key people in your office. I remember finding a common bond with my campus registrar one year and that relationship was a needed confidant and professional reference. Consider bringing donuts for the break room as an inexpensive and simple way to reconnect with colleagues. 

Consider Counseling

After an emotional break-up, consider counseling with a focus on how you can personally grow, heal, and change. It is perfectly fine to lament the pain from the relationship, but the key you want as an anchor for your work is your part and role. How did you get into such a poor situation? Are there behaviors, patterns, and thought processes that can be adjusted? 

If you need support due to a life/relationship transition, consider the providers at Joyful Journeys Counseling. We have worked with hundreds of couples facing the challenges of blending lives…and sometimes saying goodbye. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation today online, text, or email us.

Totally an aside, but my two cents about finding quality care is to seriously consider a private practice clinician. These clinicians can give you the absolute best care. It’s okay if you can only do this for a short period. Commit to 10 weekly sessions, communicate this with your chosen counselor, and do the hard work, showing up every week for your committed number of sessions. As a private practice counselor, my opinion is that weekly work is the best way to get the results this scenario presents. Yes, you will find rockstar counselors in many settings. I think private practice is the most ethical and sustainable form of work for professional counselors. There are many reasons for this, but to dive into that would considerably take us far from the focus of this article.

Reclaim Your Environment

Reset your physical spaces with a simple plan from FlyLady or another organizing professional. Reclaim your bathroom, your bedroom, and your vehicle by clearing out token memories that no longer serve you and items that do not belong to you, through thorough vacuuming, and with a cleansing wipe down.

Throw out bedsheets if you need to. Find a new scent for your spaces through scented satchels, quality air fresheners, and a new candle or aromatherapy. If possible, consider a new color pop on the wall or as an accessory. You want to rejoice when you enter your new space, so anything that creates a sense of lament, toss it!


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“Rearrange furniture if needed. Throw out bedsheets if you need to. Find a new scent for your spaces through scented satchels, quality air freshener, and a new candle or aromatherapy,” Jennifer Lytle tells Glam.

Sow Good Seeds

Consider giving back to your community by volunteering at a local animal shelter or partnering with an organization like Helping Hand Home. It feels good to make a positive impact!

Bounce Back After Breakup

Endings can frequently be bittersweet and emotional. It is absolutely normal to experience both gladness and sadness about the break of any relationship! Take the time to heal, reflect, and pivot for the journey ahead. Restore old friendships, increase work performance, consider counseling, reclaim one’s space, and sow good seeds to help you move forward.

This is a modified article originally published by Glam (July 5, 2023) featuring Jennifer Lytle as an expert in healthy closure to unhealthy romantic relationships.


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