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Some time ago, I read an encouraging note from an accomplished musician. He reflected on the importance of celebrating achievements along the way. While he was writing, one album had just been completed (with serious accolades in the music industry) while he was simultaneously diving headlong into the work of his next album. He wrote to reflect on his success, celebrate a little, and encourage you and me to celebrate our successes along the way too.

parenting: a sacred act

I think I read that article in year 1 of Joyful Journeys Counseling and since then have committed to celebrating each year. It certainly does align with the
philosophy of parenting on which I have fervently written. There are great benefits
and wisdom to pausing in between these moments for reflection.

Firstly, thank you to the pastor and board at Trinity Chapel Austin. This organization has housed Joyful Journeys Counseling since its start. The Church has been a kind and gracious host!

Secondly, I would like to acknowledge Anna, Carolyn, Elle, Tara and Maureen who encouraged me to continue in the work. Your support and hoorahs have been most kind and oft needed. Those gentle nods and helpful tips were thoughtful, loving gestures. To each of you, may your seeds of kindness reap rich rewards.

I would be remiss to forgo mentioning parent support groups. I personally led three parent groups this year and it has felt like a positive win in multiple ways. It was an incredible opportunity to bring positive parenting tools to a local school and continue that work this summer.

Starting the first week of August, Empowered Parenting will start two new groups.

Tuesday mornings (9 a.m.) and Wednesday evenings (4:30 p.m.) will be offered. <3 Register today AND share with someone you <3 love. <3

Participation has remained purposefully affordable. Every Momma, caretaker, and kiddo of all age ‘n stage can benefit from the tools and support provided through Empowered Parenting. I am passionate about offering this gift to families as it aligns with the mission of Joyful Journeys Counseling (in addition to personal experiences of needing/receiving similar support.) On that note, I would like to thank the following organizations, founders, volunteers, and participants for their efforts which have positively impacted this work:

  • Jacqueline, Founder of Great Parenting Simplified
  • Annette, Retired Kindergarten Teacher
  • Claire, Parent Educator with Strong Start
  • Carolina, Lead Parent Educator with Austin LifeCare
  • Xinia, Counselor with The Caring Place

Reflection would not be complete without considering the practical components of business. This year, JJC invested in a HIPPA compliant, encrypted email service provider. While this change is not a legal requirement, it certainly is one step towards building a model of service with the highest standards. Also this year, JJC finally selected an electronic provider for clinical documentation. This decision took some time and it is a relief to finally have a single platform. 

Some upgrades were made to the work area with lighting and furniture in addition to a bit of remodeling. The entire building underwent a major uplift with fresh paint inside and out. Hopefully, additional remodeling projects will ensue in the coming months for some upgrades to gain sleek shelving and desk space. My hope is to create a space that is inviting, refreshing, and inspiring for all guests. 

In partnership with Open Path, JJC has provided reduced fee services for no less than 3 clients this year. Thank you, Open Path, for making affordable professional mental health care accessible to these Texans!

How did three summers roll by and now I feel . . . almost accomplished?!

Joyful Journeys Counseling was founded to provide accessible, professional mental health care to the community. That’s what we’ve done for two years. And cheers to many more!

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